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UPVC Windows and Doors

More value. More performance. More solutions. Known for energy efficiency, durability and low maintenance, vinyl (UPVC) windows are the most commonly used window type in North America and Canada and as awareness of their benefits grows in New Zealand they are fast becoming a market leader here too. They offer a clean, modern profile with sturdy, steel-reinforced construction. We supply standard sized windows for your new home or project in set sizes. Ordering is as easy as letting us know what size and quantity you require and we'll have them delivered to your door.

All our joinery is manufactured in Canada and tested/certified to NZ standards with a 20 yr manufacturers warranty on Vinyl frames and a Lifetime warranty on glass units.



  • Vinyl extrusions are formulated to withstand the harshest climates year after year and their multi-chambered design optimizes both strength and thermal efficiency.
  • Completely UV stable for NZ climate.
  • Available in white or beige.
  • Triple weather-stripping on operating sashes provides ultimate protection against air and water infiltration to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Continuous head and sill designs with exterior glazing are standard.
  • Sleek Truth Encore® hardware conveniently folds away and will not interfere with most window coverings.
  • Concealed multi-point locking system on casement windows ensures consistent seal from top to bottom with a convenient single lock lever, as well as added protection against forced entry. Colour-matched to hardware chosen.
  • Double glazing with Ecosheild LoE/Argon filled glass to maximize energy efficiency.
  • removable Fly screens Standard to all sliding doors, awning and sliding windows.


Please talk to us about our range of standard size Joinery in stock available  off the shelf


Awning/Casement Windows

Our Awning windows are easy to open and close and look great in both traditional and contemporary style homes. Our awning windows offer a distinctive look and are ideal for our climate because you can keep them open in a light rain without letting moisture in. They also work well in combination with other windows.

    All pictures are of houses completed in New Zealand.                                                                     

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Horizontal Sliding Windows

Our horizontal sliding windows operate effortlessly, providing ventilation and large, unobstructed views. The slimline design works well with contemporary style homes.

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Single Hung Sliding Windows

Our single hung windows are easy to operate and compatible with most home styles. The slim line design perfectly suits contemporary style homes.

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Sliding Patio doors

Sliding doors are available with common frame transoms to provide a clean appearance, maximize glass area and eliminate the need for mulls which means more of the outside in your living space. Sliding fly screens are standard.

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