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Check below to view our appraisal from the Building Research Association of New Zealand. They want a building system that deliver better outcomes for all. And we're on board (pun unintended!). Our Vinyl Cambridge and Cedarline profiles have been rigorously tested and BRANZ appraised in New Zealand. 

We believe kiwis should get the best out of there homes, and strive to make a difference. 

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Vinyl Cladding conforms and surpasses certification standards in New Zealand and many other countries.

New Zealand

New Zealand
AS/NZ S4256 B1,B2,E2,F2
BRANZ APPRAISED (Cambridge & Cedarline)

Australia Australia
AS/NZ S4256 
Type B
Canada Canada
Conforms to CAN/CGSB-41.24.95 
CCMC Acceptance No. 06419L
United States USA
Conforms to ASTM 3679-94 
Conforms to UBC Standard 
14-2 NER 528 ER-5660

Product Physicals

TestStandard MethodUnits of MeasureResult
IZOD impact (0°C/32°F) ASTM D-256 ft-lb/in 3.53
IZOD impact (23°C/73°F) ASTM D-256 ft-lb/in 33.9
Tensile strength ASTM D-638 Psi 8200
Modulus of elasticity ASTM D-638 Psi 370000
Deflection temperature under load @264Psi ASTM D-648 °F 163
Coefficient of linear expansion ASTM D-696 x10-5 in/in/°F 4.3
Chemical resistance ASTM D-543 - excellent
Cell classification ASTM D-1784 class # 13544-B
Compound Class ASTM D-3679-89 class # 2

Fire Related Properties

Flame spread index
fuel contribution
ASTM E84, UBC 42-1 18
self ignition temperature, °F ASTM D-1929, UBC 52-3 810
smoke density rating (%)
maximum smoke density (%)
visibility of exit sign
ASTM D-2843, UBC 52-2 42.1
total burn time, seconds
extent of burning, mm
ASTM D-635 <5

Physical Properties

TestStandard MethodUnits of MeasureResult
Impact resistance (73°F/23°C) ASTM D-4226 in-lb/mil 2.57
mpact resistance (32°F/0°C) ASTM D-4226 in-lb/mil 1.71
Low temperature flexability CGSB41-GP-24Ma % pass >80
Shrinkage / reversion ASTM D-1042 % <3.0
Surface Distortion CGSB41-GP-24Ma
ASTM D-3679-89
°F >131
Minimum thickness CGSB41-GP-24Ma mm 1.0
Average thickness - inch 0.043
Normal thickness range - inch .039 - .049