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Replica Brick

Our Durabric Panels for brick (looking) walls and architectural features are the lightweight and easy-install solution for home or commercial spaces. They look real, they feel real and the savings are real too. Once it's up it doesn't matter that it's not real brick - no one will be able to tell the difference! These brick panels are super quick to install and cost considerably less than actual bricks. Paint them any colour you like and enjoy the gorgeous aesthetic.


Durabric wall cladding is a versatile alternative to brickwork. A lightweight rigid cement sheet with a ‘brickface’, that is easy for anyone to install. Create the perfect feature wall for retail fit-outs, set the mood in hospitality spaces or create unique commercial interiors. Simply fit the pre-fabricated panels and paint your desired finish. You can get great results using it for:

  • Café, restaurant and hotel fit outs
  • Retail display walls
  • Commercial and office feature walls
  • Visual merchandising projects
  • Hospitality spaces with unique architectural features


Manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, Durabric is made from triple washed sand and a water based polymer adhesive applied to a fibre cement sheet backing. The panels are baked in an industrial kiln, bonding the brickface to the cement sheeting. The finished product has a Group 1 Fire Safety Rating and is one of the safest fake brick solutions available in Australasia.

KitchenDura Rustic 2Above: Durabric Rustic profile

About Durabric

  • Extremely authentic looking, durable faux brick finish for interior applications, without the seismic risks of heavy bricks and mortar. Each panel weighs just 10kg.
  • Easy to handle and can be installed by any skilled handy person.
  • Made with natural aggregates and sand, it looks and feels truly authentic.
  • Its “blank canvas” versatility, allows designers to venture well beyond the common rules and expand their statements of creativity.

Installing a feature wall?

No problem. Our easy to install, Durabric panels can simply be cut to the size and shape you need. For advice on measuring and installing around a wall feature, or a more complex space, give us a call or send us an email. 


Standard traditional lookalike brick profile with 7 rows of even sized bricks featuring straight edges and square corners.

Brick size: 214 x 75mm | Thickness: 10mm | Mortar gap: 11mm

SS Standard2


Traditional tumbled lookalike brick profile with 7 rows of even sized bricks featuring worn edges and rounded corners.

Brick size: 214 x 75mm | Thickness: 10mm | Mortar gap: 9-11mm

SS Tumbled2


Traditional lookalike broken clay brick profile with 7 rows of uneven sized bricks featuring rough edges and worn corners.

Brick size: varied | Thickness: 10mm | Mortar gap: 5-20mm

SS Rustic2 Naked Foods Dura Standard 1

Above: Durabric Standard profile

Durabric panel dimensions

All our DuraBric panels measure 600mm x 1800mm. They can be installed horizontally, or vertically. Note: the specifications below are approximate.

Panel dimensions


Contact us for installation and technical specifications: Email: | Tel: 0800 648 836. For more images check out our gallery