New Zealand's #1 choice in insulated vinyl weatherboards

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Trim & Accessories

Mitten Vinyl weatherboards come as a complete cladding system which includes trim to be used with the weatherboard. Trim is available in every cladding colour to match the colour of weatherboard you choose. Or mix and match trim colours to offer contrast.

Trim and accessories required for cladding with Mitten vinyl:

  • Starter strip
  • J-Trim
  • Corner posts
  • Cladding screws (provided with your cladding order). Please advise us at time of order if you would prefer to provide your own screws. We will advise you on the type of screws required.

Specialised vinyl tools available:

  • Zip Tool: for unhooking and removing individual boards
  • Hole Punch: punches horizontal slots, useful for adding or elongating fixing holes in vinyl, use to accommodate irregular stud spacing
  • Crimping Tool: creates a hook-fastener on a cut down board

Please note that these tools are optional and are not necessary to install your Mitten vinyl but they are available should you wish to purchase them with your weatherboard order.