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BRANZ Appraised - Appraisal No. 814 [2013]

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We're here to help Kiwis renovate and build Amazing & Durable Homes, at affordable costs; That have benefits for years to come.

Vinyl Cladding is a cost-effective, lightweight, insulated exterior cladding system. It's had a solid 60-year history worldwide, and over 45 years use in New Zealand. This makes our weatherboards one of the longest standing UPVC products in New Zealand.

Perfect for new builds, re-cladding and over-cladding; use it on its own or as an accent with other materials. Our weatherboards are available in several styles and colours. They never need painting. They're quick and easy to install. And, they feature a 50-year lifetime manufacturer warranty.

It's clear that Vinyl Cladding Weatherboard stands out from the crowd. Kiwis are always looking for the best cost to performance ratio; take a look and see why our cladding exceeds all expectation, and makes for a smart choice when thinking about your home.

Our weatherboards are BRANZ appraised. This gives you more peace of mind, with the look of fresh painted weatherboards for years to come.

Select your Vinyl Cladding project

New build

Mitten vinyl weatherboards are perfect for use on any type of framing (timber, steel, pre-fab, concrete etc). Clad the new build entirely in Mitten or use it as an accent for gable ends or hard to reach upper levels.

New build


If you need to reclad, the old cladding is removed giving you the opportunity to re-insulate before your new Mitten weatherboards are installed faster and quicker than any other weatherboard cladding, and no waiting for the painter to show up! Over-cladding existing cladding is also and option in certain circumstances.


Large & small scale developments

Due to the heavily reduced installation labour Mitten vinyl is a popular choice for developers who require a consistent look, quick installation and product longevity, this means less scaffolding, no painters, and projects finished on time and no on going maintenance costs. 

Large & small scale developments


These products are so simple and quick to install you will finish quicker and require less tradesmen on site. Once you contact us we’ll send you a price (delivered) and we will liaise with you on behalf of your customer as well as going through the installation process if it’s your first time using our products.


Architects & specifiers

Contact us at the planning stage and we’ll provide you with all of the technical information you require.

Architects & specifiers

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