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Window FAQ's


How Double-Glazing Works


Double Glazing works by sandwiching and sealing gas between two panes of Glass. This creates a layer of insulation within the window, reducing heat loss/gain within a room. Heat from the Sun still passes through, but the hot and cold from air temperature change gets reduced.


Double Glazing With Argon Gas


Different types of gas can be used within the window panes. Heavier, slower moving Gasses are less conductive, with lower heat loss and transfer. The industry standard for Double Glazing is Argon Gas. Argon Gas is naturally-occurring, and non toxic, as well as inexpensive. It's a no-brainer to have, and that's why all our Windows and Doors include Argon Gas by default.


Will Double Glazing Stop Condensation and Mould


Mould caused by condensation can be reduced with double glazing. Double glazed Windows can handle much more humidity before fogging up; the inside pane stays warmer due to the insulation barrier. Its definitely still important to ventilate your home, to reduce moisture.


Will Double Glazing Reduce Noise?


Double Glazing will add insulation against noise, by reducing vibration across the panes. Extra noisey areas can further benefit by combining different thicknesses of Glass. These can be custom ordered from us, to fit your exact needs.


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What Double Glazing Works Best?


The type of Glazing used within double glazing systems can play an important role. The best for energy efficiency is Low-E (Low Emissivity). This features a coating of near invisible Metal Oxide, which reflects heat back from the glass. Vinyl Cladding's uPVC windows have this as standard!


Double Glazing: is it worth it?


There are number of benefits to Double Glazing, as can be read above. If you're looking to keep your home warm, healthy, and modern, Double Glazing makes sense! If your property needs an upgrade, Double Glazing should be a high priority.


Aluminium vs uPVC Windows


Aluminium is a fantastic conductor of both heat and electricity. Which is great for a satelite dish, but not very good at keeping heat in your home!

Aluminium Frame Joinery R-values can be quite poor; that's where uPVC does so well. uPVC frames are warm, and designed with insulation in mind. Our uPVC Joinery options are approx. 2.5x higher in R-Value than standard Aluminum Double Glazed Units.

Aluminium also suffers a short lifespan - corrosion and colour fade is common. uPVC is extremely durable, looking new for decades to come.

(R-Value = Resistance to Heat Flow)


Double Glazing / Window Cost NZ


We aren't like many window companies in NZ, with unclear or hard to pin down pricing. We're passionate about being as transparent as our windows. Thats why unlike any other company, you can find competitive pricing for all our stock sizing range right here!

Our Windows are all strictly quality checked and made in Canada. They know a thing or two about quality, and keeping warm!


We can also supply Black, White, and Beige Joinery with custom size, glass, and configuration requirements, made to order direct from Canada. There's no extra shipping costs, as all orders are bought in on combined container shipments.  Call or email us to find out more.