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Vinyl Cladding


Mary Ginn

Cornerstone Eco Homes

“Having specified and built using the Mitten weatherboard products recently and seen how easy the product is to work with I continue to recommend this to my clients as a product to weatherproof the Cornerstone Structural  Insulated Panel system. As an Architectural Designer & Product Supplier myself, I  like to protect & offer my clients what I perceive to be the best products out there. Mitten has a great colour range and variations of weatherboard styles its an easy choice when clients see what is on offer.”

Cheri Wilson


“My house was in desperate need of some TLC, I decided to re clad my house with Vinyl Cladding NZ Weatherboards….WOW what a transformation, it was completed in 1 week, no painters ever again and my house feels warmer all over. Highly recommend. Thanks Cheri”



“We chose to use Vinyl cladding’s insulated weatherboards over traditional weatherboards as we didn’t want to have to repaint our house. Our builder has told us we have saved over two weeks of Builders labour compared with traditional weatherboards with savings of over 15 thousand dollars! We love it! and no painting.”

Simon Haswell

East Coast

“Our builder of our new home said we saved approximately 3 weeks builders labour and multiple other costs by using Vinyl Cladding’s Weatherboards. It saved me heaps $$$$”

Roy B.


“You have an excellent product this house is 30 years old and I have had no problems or maintenance on the cladding I fully recommend your product and I am 82 years old ex carpenter all the best for the future.”



“Vinyl cladding is an incredibly versatile, durable and low maintenance material, and should be considered a front runner when considering cost-effective cladding.

Lightweight, it is extremely fast, and therefore cost effective, to install, and requires less scaffolding, and no need for further finishing on site.”

Tracey W.


“We have received our cladding and it is now installed and we are loving the result.  We are cladders by profession and are really impressed with the product and it’s system.”

P. Richards


“You have all been amazing and your caring has helped us through some pretty challenging moments. I am stoked with the look. Thanks so much.”