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Vinyl Cladding

Tiny Homes

Vinyl Cladding on a Tiny Home weighs on average only 120kg installed! Weight is always a factor on any Tiny Home Build, and with Vinyl Cladding you’ve got room to breathe. Combine that with its Durability and Wind Resistance, and you have a winning combo.

Being Insulated, you’ll also find it easier to keep your Tiny Home Warm, and Heating costs down. Damage a wall? No worries, with Vinyl Cladding NZ’s super easy install process, replacing and installing weatherboard is easy. Vinyl Cladding is perfect for making your Tiny Home look and feel like something to be proud of. 

Build Tiny,
Live large!

Our Standard size uPVC Windows And Doors are also perfect for Tiny Homes. Select sizing that’s right for your project, and we deliver them to your build-site for easy installation. They’re thermally efficient with LoE/argon & Double Glazing, and flyscreens are standard. Keep the heat in and the cold out during winter and in summer they’ll help to keep your home cool. Flyscreens mean you can sleep with the window open and not have to worry about creepy crawlies coming in.

Look at our uPVC Windows page for sizes and details. These are very inexpensive compared with other window types.

With these little homes, weight is a crucial factor in the build. This makes our Lightweight Vinyl Weatherboard/Cladding perfect for use on a tiny-project. Not needing to paint is a major contributor to the popularity of our Vinyl Cladding on Tiny Homes. The costs are kept down due to a quick install, and not having to pay someone else to prime and paint your exterior. Put it up, and the job is done.

Tiny House Gives Young Couple An Amazing Start

Video provided by Living Big In A Tiny House, we meet a charming young couple who have built their dream tiny home on wheels. Joel and Deborah had their tiny house constructed to lock-up by their builder but set about doing all of the interior themselves. The result is a beautiful tiny home which is absolutely packed with their own charm and character.

Vinyl cladding is an excellent choice for tiny homes for a number of reasons:

Overall, vinyl cladding is a practical and cost-effective choice for tiny homes, offering the benefits of low maintenance, durability, and easy installation without breaking the bank.

Tiny House Gives Young Couple An Amazing Start

Want to see what our Gunmetal Cladding could look like on your next project? This tiny home has pulled it off perfectly!
Video provided by Living Big In A Tiny House, we meet Leanne and Dave who have built their dream tiny house in order to get out of the rent trap and find more freedom for retirement.