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About Our Company

VCNZ are the New Zealand Suppliers and Distributors of Insulated Vinyl Cladding/Weatherboard, Durabric, and uPVC Windows & Doors. We are specialists at what we do.

We are a proudly NZ family owned and operate company, supplying our products all over NZ from our Depot in Christchurch. We have our cladding on a huge amount of homes across the Nation; from the Far North, all the way down to Stewart Island.

We are here to work with you or your builder on the specific requirements for your project, whether it's a Re-Clad of an Existing Property, a New Build, or a Tiny Home.

What do we do?

  • Provide prompt pricing for your job from plans or measurements
  • Advice and assistance on choosing the correct premium vinyl cladding for your job
  • Deliver your Weatherboards to your building site anywhere in New Zealand (all pricing includes delivery to site)
  • Liaise with your builder or home-build company
  • Provide comprehensive installation instructions and support to your nominated builder

We are often asked if we have specialist installers who can come and look at a job. We can recommend installers in some regions, but the great thing about our cladding is that because Vinyl is so easy to install and quick to learn, any LBP or Owner-Builder can install it. We'd much rather you get the best install rates in your area!

All you need to do is choose your cladding with our help and then we'll send it to you ready to be installed by your chosen builder. It's that easy.

Contact us by Phone: 0800 648 836 Or Email: [email protected] for further information.