New Zealand's #1 choice in insulated vinyl weatherboards

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We Are New Zealand's Premium And Affordable Vinyl Cladding Choice. Our Product Has Been Manufactured & Distributed Worldwide For Over 50-Years. It's History And Reputation Speaks For Itself. Best Of All Our Product Is Backed By A 50-Year Transferable Manufacturer's Warranty.

Vinyl Cladding BenefitsHere are just some of the benefits of choosing Vinyl Cladding NZ on your new House or Project:

  • Cost Effective

    The price you pay for your cladding is the last price. No sanding, prepping or painting are required once it is installed leaving you more time and money to spend on other things. Because Mitten weatherboards are so quick to install, you save thousands compared to other weatherboard cladding types. We supply the whole cladding system, even the fixing screws, so no extra costs you haven't thought about.

  • Energy Efficient

    Each board is thermally insulated with a choice of 20mm or 30mm foam which boosts energy efficiency and r-value and keeps the heat in your home where it belongs while keeping it cool in summer.

  • UV Stable

    The harmful rays of the sun in our New Zealand environment will not break down the cladding. Our cladding contains high levels of Titanium Dioxide which acts like a 'sunscreen', giving high UV stability. After 60 years in some of the world’s harshest environments (including over 30 years New Zealand and Australia) the cladding still looks great. Your home's exterior will look good for decades and the cladding is protected by a fade guarantee backed by the manufacturer.

  • Colourfast

    Never requires painting, ever. The colour goes right through the board; it cannot be scratched off and once installed needs no further work done. You will never have to paint your house again. A great choice for hard to reach accents and upper levels.

  • NZ Compliant

    Not only has our product had 60-years of international testing and success in some of the harshest environments on earth (including NZ), it has been rigorously tested by BRANZ for New Zealand conditions. The results show that Mitten Vinyl complies with, (and exceeds) the overall NZ Building code giving you peace of mind that the product you have chosen is built to last. No wonder its the most popular cladding throughout America and Canada.

  • Durable

    While the cladding panels are lightweight, they are extremely tough. They are designed to last and look great for decades no matter the weather and are backed with a 50-year manufacturer warranty. Mitten weatherboards have been proven in New Zealand's conditions for over 30 years.

  • Low Maintenance

    All the cladding needs is an occasional wash down with the garden hose to keep it looking like new. It never needs painting, will never rot, rust, absorb water, warp or twist. In the unlikely event of a board being damaged, individual boards can be easily removed and replaced within minutes.

  • Natural Disaster Safe

    Each panel of weatherboard is very light, tough and very flexible meaning it will move with a building and not cause harm. It is installed to enable it to move between trims and corners. These characteristics make it the cladding of choice in earthquake prone areas and also cyclonic areas. We inspected 30 year old installations of our cladding after the first Christchurch earthquakes which still looked as good as new.