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How Much Does It Cost To Get Vinyl Cladding?
Vinyl Cladding is extremely cost effective to install due to its quick and easy clip-together fixing system. Your builder or installer can install up to 40m2 of Cladding a day. This means less scaffolding, no painters, and quicker job finish times. Less time on cladding installation = significant time and money savings, on every project.

We quote our Cladding on a job-by-job basis. As part of the process we will quantify all trims and accessories specific to your project.

Because of this we don't have a fixed cost, but Feel free to send us your plans or drawings for a free quote!

The costs shown here are the most common Cladding materials, supplied and installed. They are approximate only.


Alternative uPVC vs Vinyl Cost Price ComparisonPricing as of October 2020

 Supplied Cladding For This 3.6m x 7m Tiny Home Would Cost Just $5,941.88* (Incl.



 When the majority of our competitors are uninsulated, more expensive, and usually only offer a maximum 25 year warranty, its hard to look past our weatherboard. Trust the best, forget the rest!

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