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Trim & Accessories

Our weatherboards come as a complete cladding system which includes trim to be used with the weatherboard. Trim is available in every cladding colour to match the colour of weatherboard you choose. Or mix and match trim colours to offer contrast.

Trim and accessories required for cladding with Mitten vinyl are Starter Strip, J-Trim, Corner Posts. Cladding screws are provided with your cladding order. Please advise us at time of order if you would prefer to provide your own screws. We will advise you on the type of screws required.

Starter strip

Starter strip: used to start the first course of cladding when using any of our horizontal weatherboard profiles.

Length per piece: 3.66m

SS graphic

Dimensions shown in millimeters. Picture shown is for 20mm foam backed cladding, 30mm foam back cladding uses a different starter strip.


Frost OCP

Corner Post: the outside corner post is an external corner trim to be used in conjunction with all of our weatherboard profiles

Length per piece: 3.05m & 3.66m lengths available
Colours: Available in all cladding colours with option of foam inserts also

OCP graphic

Dimensions shown in millimeters. Dimensions vary between 20mm and 30mm foam insulation size.



J-Trim: is used to trim/flash windows, doors, gable ends, wall tops, internal corners and all cut ends of our weatherboard and soffit. The size of J-Trim you will require depends on the size of foam backing on the cladding. Please confirm the correct J-Trim depth for your specific job with us before ordering.

Length per piece: 3.66m
Colours: Available in all cladding colours

The size of J-Trim you use will depend on the profile and level (mm) of insulation you choose.


J15 (soffit/vertical profile). Actual depth 18mm

J20 (board & batten) Actual depth 24mm

J15 and J20 can be used with unfoamed (16mm) and foamed (22m) vertical/soffit profile

J25 (use with 20mm foamed board) Actual depth 31mm

J30 (use with 30mm foamed board) Actual depth 41mm